Zero Waste: 5 Ideas for a Zero Waste Freelancing Life

Zero Waste: 5 Ideas for a Zero Waste Freelancing Life

Climate change is a big topic that is affecting us after the recent marches at COP26. Addressing ways that we can be less wasteful is just one of the million solutions to help slow and stop the destruction of our beloved planet.

Freelancers: you are not off the hook! You might think that your way of work is “zero- waste” by default because you are working from home, maybe lying on the sofa while providing services from your laptop… What if your freelance work is contributing -negatively- to the planet without you even noticing?

Don’t panic! Here are a few ways to green up your business by making some simple changes.


In the digital era business cards are the fastest and easiest way to introduce yourself and share contact information.
 But how can business cards be sustainable and zero waste? Choosing a cotton business card could make all the difference. Some companies recycle old t-shirts and turn them in beautiful and modern business cards!

They may cost a little more but the planet is price-less!



Did you know that web hosting is one of the most polluting industries? Some sources say that it’s as bad as all those planes flying overhead!
 Lucky for you there are a few alternatives that embrace sustainability by using a carbon neutral offset. New goal for this year? Find a host that uses 100% renewable energy.
Here are some useful links to get you thinking greener: GreenGeeks, EcoHosting, DreamHost



It’s easy to be tempted to buy a take away coffee on the way to the office … but is it necessary to drink from a plastic cup every morning?
 Getting a travel mug could be the life-changing and pocket-change producing choice that you hadn’t thought about.

Some places even offer a discount for those who use their own cups! What are you waiting for? Go and grab one!

Our favourite is the ecoffee cup but you have plenty of choice in the market!



Outside the comfort of their own home, freelancers are always running from one meeting to the next photoshoot. It makes sense that the all too easy way to stay hydrated is to buy plastic water bottles on the go.

That’s why millions of plastic bottles are used every day. But it’s not only bad for the environment, but also for your wallet. 
Investing in a reusable water bottle is the best choice! Think of it this way; you can easily control the amount of water you drink per day and most important you can refill it at the nearest “Hydration Point” on the way to your next adventure!

Chilly’s bottles is right in our courtyard. You don’t have any more excuses!



Renovating the office doesn’t happen so often but when it does everyone always wants to go to the next level.
Finding the perfect table or bookcase can take a lot of time and money but buying second-hand could save you a lot of stress!

Think about it… You own the most beautiful computer desk, it’s vintage, you saved a lot of money and EVERYONE is jealous of your last deal. What could be better?

There’s no better place in London to buy secondhand than in Shoreditch.
Why don’t you go and have a look during your lunch break? Here’s some of our favourite shops nearby First Option Studio: Restoration Station, Two Columbia Road, Pure White Lines.

We, as a studio, have big windows for natural light all day long and energy-friendly bulbs. Also, at the end of the day we donate leftover food to a nearby homeless shelter. 

So there you have it, a quick way to combine work and pleasure and save the planet, of course!