Why are on-line recipe videos popular?

Recipe videos and our love of them

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When there are already so many on-line recipe videos, it is hard to imagine new ones continually appearing at a rapid rate.
People will always want recipes and it seems that seeing the recipe demonstrated is an incredibly popular option.
Although recipes in book format are certainly not in decline, the rise of the on-line video is on a high rise.

With web video production companies such as Buzzfeed, Tasty, Tastemade, and of course Jamie’s food Tube ranking at the top of Facebook’s most watched list – it begs the question ‘Just what is it that makes recipe videos so popular?’
The necessity of food is something we share so it is only natural that it has become so prominent on the social platforms people use to communicate with friends and family. The style of web videos continues to change and adapt, always on-trend they now even incorporate emojis.
Tastemade is one site that’s expanding the style into short, fun and expertly shot films. Overhead shots showing  the cook’s hands only, replaces the need for a famous face. This not only provides variety for viewers but also reduces high production costs, thereby enabling more films to be shot. Annotating each step with bold typography brings the direction straight to the recipe.

Younger viewers especially are drawn more to the accessibility and straightforward approach than to fancy touches and the sometimes elaborate nature of gourmet cooking. They want something that they can just whip together quickly on a weekday night. Alternating the films from fast to slow, and setting them to music, helps keep the rhythm as the recipe comes together.
This fudge recipe carries the grandeur you might expect from a feature film. Weather you like fudge or not the video makes it seem all the mightier.Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 14.48.42

 These videos aren’t just for those that want to cook

They are also said to be a way of escaping the stresses and strains of an overcomplicated, chaotic world. At least with step by step instructions you know where you are!

Often showing familiar ingredients used in way that you would never have imagined- they open up interesting ideas from people all over the world.
That’s another aspect that makes Tastemade so appealable – their celebration of the individual beyond the celebrity. By sourcing a wide variety of passionate and dedicated cooks to demonstrate their favourite recipes, brings about a feeling of trust and respect. These range from humerous interactions to more moving insights into people’s lives, such as Bessie White who started the Cortez Farmers Market in colorado forty three years ago and continues to make fifteen pies a week.

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These videos don’t ask for anything, they are simply a harmless respite of lively, colourful entertainment. As one fan exclaims on Twitter – Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 15.09.27And at times they are an insight into a person’s love of what they do and want to share; but mainly they demonstrate how versatile cooking can be, utilized by anyone and everyone to result in an originally delicious meal!

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