What should you do with your weekend?

It’s happening. There’s finally a slight nip in the air when heading to work. Conversations are steering away from talk of what rooftop bar to clamber up to, which open air cinema is showing your all time summer classic. Even plans to swing by the ice cold but warmly welcomed Hackney Marshes are ceasing to hatch.

Summer swimming in Hackney Marshes – Credit, Tom Cross.

It doesn’t matter that we’re still in the low 20’s; people have forgotten what used to be deemed ‘a scorcher’ a couple of June’s ago.

But that shouldn’t mean we’re all ready to hibernate just yet. Got a pretty free diary this weekend? We’ve got some suggestions to keep you entertained.

1. Peckham Festival

It’s all going down in Peckham this weekend. We’re talking workshops; talks; walks; exhibits; performance and of course music. The streets will be thronging with supporters of a massively diverse ‘creative and cultural Peckham’ from Friday-Sunday. Who doesn’t want to do that? Go on, grab your friends and get amongst it.

Kristie Minchin, Oscar Murray and Natalie Seo’s ‘Playtime’ installation – Credit, Alex Krook

While you’re at it, release your inner 5 year old, take friendships back to basics and clamber on the beautiful Playtime installation – promoting interactive means for social integration –  that is gracing Peckham’s grounds. You can’t miss it and you won’t want to.

2. ‘Picturing Forgotten London’ Exhibition

There’s always a sense of awe when you come across an old photograph of the London that has been and gone. You naturally try to pin point the landmarks that make London so distinctive. But what was there before?

A chance to see London as it was, not as it is – Credit, London Metropolitan Archives

Take a moment this weekend to step back in time and immerse yourself in London’s forgotten and ever changing history through photographs, maps, engravings and more.

3. The Art Car Boot Fair

If you haven’t been to this car boot, you’ll never have been to one quite like it. Forget the bric-a-brac and moth eaten jumpers and head to King’s Cross on Sunday to feast your eyes on all things art.

The fair where it’s as much about the car you bring the art in as it is about the art – Credit, The Art Car Boot Fair

A whole plethora of artists are coming together this weekend in Granary Square to showcase their latest pieces at The Art Car Boot Fair. Even if you don’t even know your artistic taste yet, you’re bound to find it here; the place where there’s something for everyone.

4. Frieze sculpture in Regent’s Park

If you haven’t been during the heat of the summer, then you’d better go soon. Take a turn in the stunning Regent’s Park surrounded by flora and fauna with piece after piece of the 2018 Frieze collection celebrating artists from all around the world.

When art meets nature – Credit, Frieze

You’ll find them dotted throughout the South Eastern section of the park. Trust us when we say that they’re pretty difficult to miss and most definitely worth a look.

See? There’s still plenty of life left in our old friend, summer. So, whether you’re festival-ing or sculpture park-ing, September’s got you covered for a guaranteed good time.

See you on the swings!