Virtual recce anyone ?

Virtual recce anyone ?

Virtual Recce Anyone?

Some of you may have noticed a new edition to the First Option website menu recently, and to those of you who have we doth our caps and raise our drachms.

To those of you who haven’t, well, take another little peek and stick your glass in the air too.

A brand-spanking-new Virtual Tour is finished and now live on our site.

These tours have become a big deal on the Web, and taking into consideration the fact that the majority of us spend 90% of our waking lives staring at a screen of some sort, we thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to jump on board as well.

While it’s obvious there is no better way of checking out a hire location than in person, you can get a great feel for the space via Google Insider Business tours that’s much more effective than a stills gallery. Film and photography studios face hefty competition from one another, even more so in the beautiful city of London, so it makes a world of a difference to offer potential clients a quick and easy way of wandering around our space from the comfort of their offices. Let’s face it, if the production team can avoid an 8am recce on a wet Monday morning then we’re doing our jobs right !

Taken by Annalisa from, our Virtual Tour offers an array of advantages to location managers, photographers, DOPs, event organisers and anyone else looking to hire a space. Aside from general aesthetics, chefs such as Rachel Green can check utilities, equipment and space available, such as prep areas, fridges, ovens etc, event managers such as the Disappearing Dining Club can focus on floor space, access points and precisely where to site the grand piano. As long as you have phone battery (perhaps the only thing more costly than time these days) and a decent internet connection, you can now check out whether our East London studio will work for you before venturing out for the inevitably early recce.

So whether you’re a photographer, director, production manager or someone looking for a stunning Shoreditch hire space to host a dinner or corporate event, have a browse of our Virtual Tour now. It’d be great to hear your thoughts or suggestions 🙂

Joe Struggles