Valentine’s Day with the NHS at First Option Studio

Valentine’s Day with the NHS at First Option Studio

Valentine’s Day! In Love in East London Studio

We had the team at Generator Films in the studio shooting an amusing campaign for the NHS that was just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The team stormed the studio and transformed the space into an amazing restaurant. However this time it wasn’t for cookings sake! They filmed a series of short interactions between couples highlighting the things you should and should not talk about on during an intimate candlelight dinner. Please take a look at the videos below and see what they got up to…

This year’s Valentine’s campaign follows a number of couples who are in an awkward situation after their date says something they really shouldn’t have said on the most romantic day of the year.

Whilst there are some things that are really better left unsaid on Valentine’s Day, some things are extremely worthwhile, and discussing your organ donation decision is one of them.

This is certainly one of the most entertaining crews we have had filming in the studio and we couldn’t wait to share these videos.


“On Valentine’s Day some things are better left unsaid. And some things aren’t.

This Valentine’s, NHS Blood and Transplant is hoping three short films will encourage conversations about organ donation between loved ones.

Featuring couples sharing a candle-lit meal, the three films, created with Aesop Agency, are a montage of awkward, humorous, not-so romantic conversation moments.

Each film is designed to encourage conversations about organ donation and ends with the words: Share your organ donation decision with a loved one this Valentine’s.: