Travel, Transport & The Creative London Life

Travel, Transport & The Creative London Life

Punctuality is the most important attribute a freelancer can have.

We all know this, but when you factor in the amount of kit some creatives have to transport, coupled with the (only sometimes) reliable transport network, getting from A-B in London is never a straightforward task.

That’s why we’ve compiled this handy how to guide, honed over years of getting it wrong, which will give you your best chance of getting you and your kit across London and most importantly, arriving on time.

First things first…

  1. Plan your route 

There are many different maps and apps you can use to help, but with it’s easy to use interface, up to date travel information and arrival time function, we’ve found Citymapper is the best map for you. If you have a call time of 8am aim to get there at 7:50am and set that as your arrival time on Citymapper. The app will then give you a range or different transport options from, bus, Uber, tube and rail, or a combination of all of the above. It will also give you a time you need to leave in order to make this transport option work. Take a note of this time as you’ll need to set it as your “Leave the house” alarm a bit later.

  1. Pack your kit

Lowepro bag or Pelicase, if you have expensive kit those are really your two options. Both are compartmentalised storage solutions with soft interiors to protect your kit, and both have their pros and cons. The backpack option is easier to carry, meaning travelling on public transport at rush-hour doable, but it will take a toll on your back and neck over the years. The Pelicase is great, it has wheels and it’s a military grade storage solution and a staple of the industry. It’s great for transporting lots of heavy items, but during rush hour you’ll be better off getting a taxi/uber which is expensive.

Whatever your solution is, pack your kit the night before, never leave it until the morning! Never!

  1. Set your alarm(s)

That’s right, you’ll need more than one alarm, in fact you’ll need 3.

Alarm #1 Wake up

Wakey-wakey rise and shine this is your alarm to open your eyes. No hitting snooze, it’s a false economy. But don’t worry you’re allowed 15 minutes in bed to wake up, so lay there, read the news on your phone, check emails or slap yourself around the face.

Alarm #2 Get out of bed

Get out of bed, that’s right, physically out of it, not in a minute, now, go on it’s not as hard as you think it will be. Good you’re out of bed, now hit the shower and get yourself ready for the day.

Alarm #3 Leave the house

Yes you need a leave the house alarm! As my granddad always said, ‘You need 20 minutes in the morning to tie your shoes.” And he’s right, it’s amazing the amount of time you can waste faffing about in the morning and before you know it you’re running late. Having a leave the house alarm, set with the help of city mapper, ensures that you don’t end up running down the street dragging your pelicase behind you like you’re one of the McCalisters from Home Alone.

And that’s really all there is to it. If you plan your route with a good app, pack a decent bag/case the night before and get up and out the house on time, getting across London with all your kit should be a walk in the park.

Unless it snows. Then god help you.