Easter update: Totally, magically, Gilliam and yoghurt…

Easter update: Totally, magically, Gilliam and yoghurt…

An Easter update from First Option

As well as time for a touch of spring cleaning, the Easter weekend gave us all a chance to recharge- (and we don’t mean just from chocolate!) Whilst on the subject though we wanted to say thankyou to all of those who hired the studio in the months running up to Easter and were able to enjoy a complimentary, chocolate inspired breakfast in celebration of Spring.

It is great to welcome new people to First Option Studio and it is wonderful to have a lasting relationship, where so many of them come back. Such is the case with Total Greek Yogurt who were here again shooting some short web films.

As we are newcomer to twitter, having them as a follower makes us feel welcome!

RDF Television made great use of the main studio space filming TVs Biggest Blockbusters. We were delighted to be able to provide them with a selection of delicious sandwiches to enjoy whist they discussed the most popular watched broadcasts ever!

First Option Studio were also pleased to accommodate Terry Gilliam, the creator of many fabulously, strange and curious films. although this time he was the subject, being interviewed for an Arena television production – Magical Mystery tour.

So, rejuvenated by the sight of blossom, blue skies and sunlight (interspersed with showers of course…) our own magical mystery tour proceeds, and we can’t wait to see what new and exciting things take place here in the coming months!