Spring time, featuring snow

Spring time at First Option Location Studio

Glasses clinked as lime juice, ice and sophistication muddled together this spring. Well we wouldn’t expect anything less now, would we? First Option Studio provided the perfect setting to show off Martini’s new range of exotic cocktails. Perhaps due to the cold weather or simply by chance, it seemed the right time for a wee dram.  A very appropriate time indeed for the producers from Waitrose to organise a wine tasting with Philip Schofield in the kitchen!  Although cold enough outside to store extra ice- wouldn’t it be nice to start feeling a little warmer?

Snow flurries didn’t stop the hardened crew from Maverick TV getting some great shots filming outside through out the day. Filming for a top television show soon to be aired, they transformed the main studio into a doctors clinic utilising our elegant spiral staircase.

Interesting discussions were held on the dangers of diabetes and heart disease. In fact recently we have had several shows here centred on the importance of looking after our health. One in particular organised by Outline productions went into the finer details of hereditary health problems and genetics.

Health is of great importance when it comes to our in- house catering. The crew photographing products from the aptly named  ‘Pampered Chef’, enjoyed a healthy, tasty and colourful lunch. Speciality diets and preferences are taken into consideration and specifically tailored to with great care and attention. We believe it does make a big difference (especially on a long film shoot) to have good nutritious food to keep everyone’s spirits up and stamina strong.

Stamina filled the studio as music became the soul food at First Option. Our friend James McAlistar from VCCP organised the filming of Coors meet the Band for an online video.

So many things happen here in the studio. At the end of a shoot or event, after everything is cleared away as the last person leaves and the doors are shut you’d never believe what variety, magic and transformation has just occurred in our unique space.