Shooting Film with Pixi Pixel and First Option

Shooting Film with Pixi Pixel and First Option

Film frenzy at First Option

Over the years First Option Studio has seen countless film and photo shoots, events and pop ups and we have loved how each of our clients always finds a new way to use the space. With every hire we see clients using different camera setups, lights, digital and AV equipment in an infinite number of ways, there are so many variables it’s sometimes hard to keep track of. Some prefer film to digital, continuous light as opposed to flash and can’t decide whether to shoot stills or video, maybe both

It’s no secret that Pixi Pixel is our preferred supplier for all things photographic, see our previous post on them here, and we are regular readers of their own ‘Kit of the Week’ blog and recently they touched on something special…FILM

Between the team at First Option we’ve built up almost 100 years worth of experience in loading, shooting, developing and printing with film, we know that for some of you in the ‘digital age’ that film is costly and time consuming however it’s where we all started and it’s still the medium we love the most!


Mamiya RZ with 120 and Polaroid film backs

Thankfully the team at Pixi are in the same analogue boat and have recently started stocking 120 and polaroid film backs for the Mamiya RZ system, this is truly music to our ears. In recent years the RZ has been adapted to take digital backs, of course this allows for extremely large files that are instantly available for the client to see, however the magic of shooting film is still here! The Polaroid backs are great if you need to test the light or really want to share whats happening on set, they are also a great talking point!

Don’t forget that our studio has large south facing windows meaning that beautiful daylight can pour in for the duration of your shoot, weather permitting! We’d love to see some more shoots on film in the studio soon so drop us an email!