A reggae, reggae start to spring

Spring with Levi Roots in the Studio

The weeping willow tree in the courtyard is just starting to bud and I’m very happy that signs of Spring are on their way. This year the official day for the Vernal Equinox  is March 20th. We will hopefully receive a few more rays of light now that the sun moves into the northern hemisphere.

Spring is a time for rebirth and new beginnings. Perhaps we could do as the Persians do and use Springtime to celebrate new year. So in the 3,000 year old tradition of Zorastrianism I wish you a very Happy Nowruz!

At First Option Studio the spring cleaning has commenced, as the entrance way and prep kitchen are treated with a new lovely coat of paint. It seems that even the crews hiring the studio in the last month have been in the spirit of rejuvenation!

Country homes and Gardens transformed areas of the studio, shooting furniture made from recycled materials.

It certainly gave us some ideas on how we could re utilise objects. And it’s not just objects being revamped..it’s food too!

Our lovely regular clients at Waitrose are always reinventing things with their ‘How to cook…’ online series. In the last session they demonstrated cooking cheaper cuts of meat slowly to produce an amazingly tasty meal- which in this economic climate- is what we all want to know. We were also lucky enough to have Levi Roots (famous for his ‘Reggae, Reggae Sauce’) cooking up some more surprises in our kitchen.

Whilst Elle magazine were here for a three day shoot, they enjoyed a healthy First Option breakfast followed by an inventive selection of our in-house delux sandwiches. Just what they needed to keep going, photographing portraits of fashion designers.

No matter what time of the year there is always time for a celebration. Beyond Bespoke events created a magical scene in the studio for a great party that lasted well into the night! There was a live piano player, a neon-lit bar serving ‘smoking cocktails’, and even a flashing dance-floor!

Nowadays we are noticing more and more clients shooting for online channels.

This week we have a lovely photographer Matt Edwards, shooting hundreds of distinct, symbolic products for an online gambling company aimed at women. From a giant 10″ multi coloured striped cake to spotted Wellington boots and Easter Eggs.

Talking of Easter Eggs check out our special complimentary breakfast with more than a hint of chocolate up until Easter.

Now, all heads at First Option turn towards the sun. Enriched by good memories we can make way for a fresh start, and new growth. I for one look forward to a blossoming year (enhanced by chocolate)!