Pixi Pixel meets First Option!

Pixi Pixel meets First Option!

Guest Post: Pixi Pixel meets First Option

Those spots are contagious you know,  In fact a fresh case has cropped up in Perserverance Works, Shoreditch at First Option Studio.

The guys and Girls at First Option have been working so hard that they are now seeing spots before their eyes, lots of them and in glorious Pixicolour too !

Seriously (for a second anyway) we at Pixipixel are delighted to join First Option Studio as their preferred supplier of all things photographic, it’s a match made in heaven (well perhaps not that high up but on the first floor anyway) Give First option a call and book your shoot in one of the coolest spaces around, well would you expect a former suspender belt factory to be anything other than cool !


Our favourite member of the Pixi Pixel team!

Our favourite Pixi Pixel team member in our Prep Kitchen!

 So now you have the location, a beautiful victorian factory lovingly converted and fully modernised from the vaulted ceilings to fully designer kitchens, spiral staircases for that look (and a nice wide straight staircase for the practicality too) what else could you want ?      A private courtyard did you say ? ….tick   what’s that,  you want undercover parking ? …..tick   Two kitchens? …. ok they can do that too,   i could go on but i don’t want to spoil it for you.

Now how about equipment to complement the location, thats where we at Pixipixel step in. like First Option we are here to provide you with the best of the best we have all the kit your heart, or even your DOP could desire. From top end stills and video equipment to grip and lighting in all its weird and wonderful forms. Oh and did i mention we are less than five minutes up the road, oh and thats on foot.

So enter the ground floor through a private courtyard and ascend the spiral staircase to heaven where you will find your studio ready to go bristling with all the kit you could desire all you need to do is bring along something or someone to shoot and let your creative juices flow.