Photographer Spotlight #14: Debby Lewis-Harrison

Photographer Spotlight  #14: Debby Lewis-Harrison

Next up in our photographer spotlight is the marvellous food photographer, Debby Lewis-Harrison!

How did you start in Photography and decide it was the career for you? 
I was an interiors stylist for many years and art directed lots of shoots so I was already in the industry and photography was a natural progression. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) bought me a Bronica medium format film camera (imaginatively nicknamed Veronica) and taught me how to use it. I started off shooting portraiture and realised pretty quickly that I hated people waiting for me so moved onto things that couldn’t talk back!
What kind of photographer would you describe yourself as?
My work has a definite style which is quite feminine, has lots of colour (either brights or pastels) and a definite daylight feel to it.
What cameras and equipment do you usually use?
Canon 5DSr and ProFoto lighting.
Which subject is your favourite to shoot?
I’m a food photographer through and through.
Which photographers have inspired you most?
Without August Sander my photographic interest may not have been piqued. I remember seeing his work for the first time and being struck by his subject matter. There’s something quite incredible about seeing a person who no longer exists but was captured for posterity and so somehow remains. Don McCullin and his social commentary through imagery is an inspiration. I worry that in the world of the selfie once we turn the camera on ourselves we are no longer taking an interest in anything else.
Is there a shoot or personal project you’ve been working on recently?
I’ve recently been doing a personal shoot with the food stylist Maud Eden at Hers agency. We’ve been creating little sayings out of food, it’s a momentous amount of work for Maud but the shoots are such great fun and really creative.
Has your shoot or project been Studio based or out on location?
This project has been studio based as are so many of my shoots.
Can you tell us some of the locations you have shot across the world, what was your favourite and why?
I’m definitely a London based studio photographer (and this is where I’m happiest), so my experiences of locations are pretty limited.
What’s been your most memorable moment on a shoot or during your career?
I love my work and thoroughly enjoy my shoots even if sometimes they can be challenging. I do have a handful of favourites but my most memorable would probably be for the wrong reasons. Shooting outside in the rain in a place where we couldn’t put down lights or the tripod on the ground in case we damaged it and needing it to look like summer, even though it looked like nighttime because of the black rain clouds! That was not a good day. Having said that one of the best shoots was for one of the GBBO books written by Annie Rigg who created the most delicious baking recipes ever, we ate so well on that shoot.
Is there anything else you’d like to share about your work or process?
I also direct moving image and I love creating stop motions as they can add humour to a still image. You can be really creative and imaginative and although it takes patience it’s worth it for bringing an image to life.
Check out more of Debby’s fantastic work at: