Kit Harington’s Omaze-ing Opportuni-tea

Kit Harington’s Omaze-ing Opportuni-tea

Most people get giddy with excitement when they catch a glimpse of Kit Harington on their TV screens at home. Granted. Well, just imagine joining the man himself for tea before heading to the theatre to watch him in True West? Yeah, just what we thought: pretty AWESOME! Thanks to the lovely team at Omaze, this was actually made possible for one charitable super fan and their lucky plus one.

Yes, Kit, we would. Really, really would.

Here’s Kit Harington, making himself at home in the First Option kitchen, showing us how (not) to make a right royal cup of (terrible) tea to raise money for Mencap. According to Kit, all you need is some cola, bay leaves, a blender and a couple of cups … obviously.

Crockery? Check. Good start, Kit. This is promising.


Tea is brown, cola is brown. Understandable logic.


‘If it grows on a tree, it must be tea’. Really, Kit? Okay, what ever you say. Seeing is Bay-leaf-ing.


Why let it brew when you can blend and blitz?


Ahhh just how tea should look! Can’t wait to try it, Kit.


I think that face says it all – cheers!?

Okay, we’ll admit it: Kit’s visit to the First Option kitchen was less masterclass and more disasterclass but hey, at least the backdrop looks inviting. Please, whatever you do, don’t make Kit’s tea at home. You’ll be very unpopular.

How about you check out what Omaze are up to at the moment and get involved that way instead? It comes with an 100% popularity guaran-tea!