Photographer Spotlight #7: Jess Angell

Jess Angell is the subject of the 7th instalment of our Photographer Spotlight series. Jess, aka Miss Underground is best known for her gorgeous pictures of the London Underground, so as proud Londoners, we were really keen to talk to her.

How did you start in Photography and decide it was the career for you?

I studied photography when I was at school but it wasn’t until I got an iPhone and discovered Instagram that I fell in love with photography again.

What kind of photographer would you describe yourself as?

I don’t class myself as a photographer more that I have a keen eye and I like to capture details that someone else wouldn’t see.

What cameras and equipment do you usually use?

I use my iPhone 7plus to capture the London Underground. I edit all my images on my iPhone currently but I am keen to learn some software to improve my shots.

Which subject is your favourite to shoot?

The London Underground is my playground and I love finding new ways to look at escalators, stairs and tunnels.

Is there a shoot or personal project you’ve been working on recently?

I would like to create a book of my images and I would like to shoot more European transport systems.

Has your shoot or project been Studio based or out on location?

Its always underground in the London Underground but I have been very lucky to visit the Metro in Paris, Munich, Berlin and Stockholm. There are many more I want to visit!

Can you tell us some of the locations you have shot across the world, what was your favourite and why?

I love the metro in Berlin as the stations are so colourful. The Metro in Paris was fascinating but difficult to explore.

What’s been your most memorable moment on a shoot or during your career?

I have been very lucky to meet some great photographers and show them around the London Underground. But when Instagram featured my images on their blog I realised that my project was getting the right kind of attention.

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