Top Tipples that’ll warm your Christmas cockles

Top Tipples that’ll warm your Christmas cockles

Top Tipples! At this time of year your favourite cold ones are heating up so here are our top tipples for this time of year- a few hot, steamy and most definitely alcoholic options of some of the greats who have graced the First Option studio doorsteps in the past. So, pick a couple favourites to try on your poor, long suffering friends and family; they won’t be disappointed this Christmas.


Let’s start with the festive favourite. Sweet and delicious. When this joyous drink lands itself on the pub blackboard you know that Christmas really is coming.

And you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easy as (mince) pie to make! BBC Good Food will guide you .


Not one you’ve made at home before, maybe. Unless you’re a stickler for pouring hot water into gin thinking it’s ice cold tonic…

If you want to leave this one up to the pros, battle your way down Oxford St and head skywards to the John Lewis rooftop. A Sipsmith gin-gerbread special awaits!


Country Living are set on broadening beer loving tastebuds with this one. It’s certainly not a menu staple so you’ll have to go ahead and concoct this one yourself.

Don’t knock it ’til you try it!


Maybe you’re thinking nope, this isn’t a thing. Well it is! And Waitrose will show you how it’s done.

Think of it as mulled wine’s lighter, fresher family member. The poached pear pud as opposed to the Chocolate Log.



Basically a steaming chalice of liquid sticky stewed apples but will have you clinking pint glasses and singing Auld Lang Syne in no time.

Make it yourself with Jamie Oliver’s trusty directions. But if you find yourself in a pub with a reputation for home-pressed ciders, make sure you try their version.


A hot, alcoholic, caramelised, coffee, anyone? You bet. Really easy to make and devilishly delicious. Basically a Jamaican Coffee with added oomph.

You’ve got your mitts on our own recipe for this one (lucky you!) … seems like it hasn’t quite caught on yet. Give it time.

  • Put a shot of (spiced) rum and a shot of Kahlúa Salted Caramel Coffee Liquor in a mug
  • Add 2 long shots of hot coffee, mix well
  • lightly whip some double cream and gently dollop on top of coffee
  • Drink and be merry. And full of beans.

A fantastic way to finish off a glutinous meal and get the dance floor filled all in one.


Go forth and be merry!

It’s at this point that you realise you can heat almost anything up and make it festive with some christmassy spices or a good glug of excess liquor. Think Star anise, cinnamon, a zest of some description and there you have it! Mulled, Christmassy goodness for all.

Whatever you do, for the love of alcohol, don’t let the booze filled beauties boil!

Happy Christmas!

Please drink responsibly: