The Importance of Food and colour

First option Tart

First Option Tart

Colourful Details

As much as details are important, it is the bigger picture that makes an impression. When preparing the catering here in the studio we aim to take all factors into consideration, from the balance of ingredients in each dish to the relationship of one dish to another.

We take inspiration from many countries to design our menus, tailoring them accordingly to the season, availability and any other specific requirements. Often a meal plan idea will start with one dish and the rest will be built around it to work harmoniously in terms of taste, colour, nutrition and country of origin. Creating dishes that impress the eye, taste good and are good for you makes a happy crew, which in turn makes us happy.

Interestingly, it is a nutritional fact that a colourful plate is good for you. Naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants which are responsible for the colour produced are called phytochemicals. These work synergistically with minerals, vitamins and fibre to promote optimum health benefits.

Take red and green for example. As complementary colours on the colour wheel, visually they enhance and bring out the brilliance of the other. The same applies to their combination of nutrients. A bowl of spinach, when paired with tomatoes, not only looks more brilliant but also aids our absorption of iron from the spinach giving us much more energy. Preparing a colourful spread based on natural ingredients, that looks good and tastes good will be good for you!

As a studio location, we have many fantastic food photographers, film makers, stylists, and chefs passing through the space. They are all about making dishes fit for the camera – so it is only right that we provide catering fit for viewing and eating!

Colourful Catering Examples

For more details and examples of dishes provided here in the studio, please see the catering section on our website…

First Option Catering

First Option Catering