First Option Hosts the Easter Eggs-sentials

First Option Hosts the Easter Eggs-sentials

Easter comes laden with traditions: Easter egg hunts, egg painting and hot cross buns to name a few. Some more bizarre than others, though; the residents of Haux in France, for example, like to make an omelette large enough to feed 1,000 people every Easter Monday lunch – that’s about 5,000 eggs worth of omelette and they have to use oars instead of wooden spoons (probably).

Since the early days, First Option’s homely kitchen has lent itself to being a hot-spot for household favourites. There’s no exception this time of year, either. So let’s unveil our recent Easter treasures to cross the First Option threshold who will, no doubt, be as present as chocolate at your kitchen table this Easter.

The three essentials that go hand in hand to ensure you start each and every day of this long weekend just right are …


Not all Easter eggs come wrapped in foil, hidden in bookcases and buried in plant pots. Digital Natives have taken all the stress out of early morning decision making with their scramble and scoff worthy footage.


Happy Eggs will be keeping our big Easter breakfast on the savoury side of things in the studio. At least until lunch time. Maybe elevensies. Whether they’re the choccy ones or the real deal, eggs are always the answer.


What to put on your sticky and sweet hot cross bun is not a question, it is a given. A staple and a must. So you can be sure that there wasn’t a peep out of us – apart from maybe an excited squeal – when Food Hall step into the studio for a day of almighty dedication to Easter’s loyal companion; Lurpak.


Try watching them slap up this jaw-drop and drool worthy Eggs Florentine on a heavily buttered piece of toast without your tummy rumbling!  Hello Easter, you have officially arrived.

3. TEA

We’ve got Happy Eggs, we’ve got Lurpak. Now just something to wash it down with … thank you for stepping in there, PG Tips – Easter just wouldn’t be the same without you! Buckets of tea to accompany the bus load of relatives that pop in for a tea-pple.


Let’s be honest, the British nation would be lost without tea. It’s not called teatime for nothing. We’ve got Recipe to thank for keeping our favourite hot drink in the First Option studio this Easter.

All in all, would we go as far as to say that Easter is simply squandered without these three components? Yes, I think we would. They’re the making of an almighty breakfast, teatime or ‘I’ve eaten so much chocolate I only have room for scrambled eggs, buttery toast and a cuppa’-time.

Happy Easter from the First Option team!