I’ll have another year, and let’s make it fabulous, shall we?

I’ll have another year, and let’s make it fabulous, shall we?

Another New Year at first Option Studio

As we come towards the end of January, last year seems a long while ago, but the warmth and energy from all the activity in December kept the fire alive here at First Option Location Studio over the Christmas break. Come January, it was ready to be stoked up again by Antony Worrall Thompson, amongst others…

In the latter part of 2012 we welcomed wedding banquets, birthday celebrations, feature films and many Christmas promos. The studio was transformed by the T4 crew who managed to get a real fire place set up in the main studio complete with a mantelpiece, stockings, and a gigantic Christmas tree. Grant’s Whiskey were busy in our kitchen making delectable (very alcoholic) orange chocolate mousses. The Fabulous Baker Boys were also here doing some, erm… fabulous baking, actually.

It definitely paved the way for Christmas, in fact it felt like First Option Studio had many Christmasses. An ingenious set-dresser even managed to recreate the interior of an Icelandic log cabin in our kitchen, complete with wooden cladding and lots of greenery.

We were also very entertained by some of the filming from Starcrossed Films who shot a hilarious bedroom scene in the main studio for the recently released film, I give it a year. This year is set to be a bonfire of activity as January has been booked out by Splenda, VCCP, Ruby Ray, Crab Creative – all using the space in innovative ways. We have especially enjoyed supplying catering to all the crews – Lets REALLY give it a year to remember!

It has been great to meet some really lovely people. We are happy to have our friends here today from ‘Total Greek Yogurt’ filming some healthy recipe ideas. In fact something is simmering away in the prep kitchen as I speak…