7 Tips for Choosing the Right Location Studio

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Location Studio

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Location Studio

In this first guest post to the First Option Studio Blog Hannah, a venue expert at Hire Space, tells us: “London has a vast variety of studio spaces available to hire and the amount of choice can be a little overwhelming,” so here are some of her handy tips on what you should consider to make sure you’re booking the right location.


Always ask what is included in the price of hire. Some studios allow you to use the equipment they have, others will charge for hire of equipment separately depending on what it is you need. Either way, it is always advisable to ask for a list of the equipment the studio can provide.


No one wants to listen to the camera man’s stomach rumbling half way through the first scene! A lot of studios will offer in-house catering which can be organised prior to the day. If not, it’s always wise to check that you are able to use the kitchen facilities and what local amenities are close by.

Changing rooms

Most studio spaces have a separate make-up/changing area but always best to confirm these details. No one wants grumpy models!

Price check

Pricing of a studio can vary depending on what you are using it for. If you are filming the cost is generally higher than for photography. Also studios will often price by the day, the half day or by the hour. There is also often a fee for overtime, charged by the hour.

Cast & crew

Some studios’ pricing will depend on the number of people that you have in the space. This is especially common in apartment style studios. So, know your numbers to avoid extra charges on the day.


Always make sure that you check whether studios offer free parking. A lot will have one or two parking spaces included in the hire fee, however don’t take this for granted!I It is also advisable to checking how close the studio is from a station.

Early bird

As a rule, it is always sensible to start things as early as possible. Get those viewings in early and get your booking confirmed well in advance. However, if you are late in the planning, do not panic. Studios that do have last minute availability will often be able to offer discounted rates.