Be gone Winter, for spring sunshine is here to stay- hopefully?

Winter has gone and Spring has finally sprung at First Option Studio!

The long bank holiday weekend proved to be an invaluable break considering how April is progressing so far ! We are booked up to the rafters and weekends off seem like a distant memory.

Over the next few weeks we seem to have food galore, from tracing one’s genetic predisposition to obesity, to chicken commercials.

Our two kitchens prove to be an almost indispensable asset for cookery programs. If you’re filming in a kitchen then obviously the last thing you want to see is the behind the scenes operation, you know- the actual cooking.

Our prep kitchen, or as I like to call it “that tempting place that almost always smells of baking and cakes”, works perfectly in conjunction with the main kitchen for the ‘here’s one I made earlier’  shows; in fact it serves as a great second kitchen for almost all productions including the rare occasions in which the actual chef does the actual cooking.

The last few days have persuaded me that spring is definitely in the air. The daffodils should have done that job, but then they got covered in snow which sort of turned them into false prophets… In fact the courtyard was incredibly lucky to have had any daffodils considering not a single daffodil bloomed in time for Britain’s biggest Daffodil festival.

The sun has finally reignited images of flip flops and Caipirinhas, and banished wellies and hot soup (fingers crossed.)

To celebrate this marvel that although comes every year, is pure joy after the long tedium of winter, the last two weeks of April and the first two of May will be all about a sun dance. To avoid any of us having to dance naked with feathers in our hair, First Option will be encouraging sunny weekends by making everybody feel warm inside. Each Thursday and Friday until the 10th of June, we’ll be offering a gigantic 25% off on bookings made on either of these days.

You have a total of eight to choose from – so lets get this summer going.