2017: A year in review with some of our favourite jobs

2017: A year in review with some of our favourite jobs

Oh hello 2017! Where are you going 2017? Come back 2017! Come back!

That wasn’t a year was it? Surely it’s still March, no? I’m genuinely concerned that the clocks are actually speeding up and it’s not just a wistful saying. Regardless, it got us thinking, if you don’t stop to smell the roses every once in a while then you won’t be worrying about the speed of clocks, because you’ll be too dead to be able to tell the time.

That’s why we want to smell the roses of 2017 by taking a look back at some of our jobs from January through to December. So, as time is of the essence, let’s jump right in.

January – Mendoza films | Koko

We started the new year with these lovely bunch of Koko-nuts

February – Wieden and Kennedy| Lurpak

Pancake day was a right flippin’ laugh too!

March – Victoria Coker | MS Society

And the MS society put a huge smile on our faces (and hands)

April – Shoot Factory | David Kingsbury

Personal trainer to the stars, David Kingsbury put us through our paces.

May – Wildcard | Linda McCartney’s

We were delighted to welcome our vegetarian (sausage) role models, Linda McCartney’s

June – Delightful media | Delightful Drinks

Talking of delightful, delightful media were delightfully delightful

July –  | Anna Richardson

So to was the absolute legend, Anna Richardson 

August – Little Dot Studios | Very Tech

Little dot kindly made us feel like we were outside enjoying the last drops of summer

September – Annex Films | Slimfast

Strictly star Alexandra Burke waltzed in with Slim Fast

October – Run Creative | Magic Bullet

In October Lucy Piper was shot with a magic bullet!

November – Picture Production Company | Tilda Rice

In November we ate rice Tilda cows came home

December – Pulse Films | Genius Bread

And we ended the year with this Genius creation!

You know what after reading that we have had a really good year at First Option and what’s more it’s put us right in the mood for another 12 months of fun shoots and events. Here’s to 2018! Where are you going 2018? Come back 2018! Come baaaaaaaacccck!