5 Easter Treats full of the joys of spring

5 Easter Treats full of the joys of spring

There’s nothing quite like the first days of spring to make the tummy rumble, especially if you’ve given up a naughty food group for lent. Whether it’s meat, chocolate, dairy or alcohol (or heaven forbid, all of the above) when the clocks spring forward and the days get a little longer, it’s just that little bit harder to resist those tasty treats.

But fear not, because Easter is just around the corner and it’s bringing all of the good food and beverages back in vast quantities! So we’ve scoured the internet and compiled 5 ways you can celebrate this wonderful holiday by filling your stomach until it’s fit to burst!

1. Mint Spring Lamb with Harissa Potatoes
When the lambs are leaping Spring has officially sprung! So what better way to celebrate Easter than by roasting one up with some tasty potatoes.

2. Homemade Chocolate Egg
What came first, the chocolate egg or the chocolate chicken? Nobody knows and unfortunately now chocolate chickens are extinct, we’ll never know. But all is not lost, as you can make your own chocolate eggs at home using chocolate and egg shaped moulds!

Homemade egg

3. Hot Cross Buns
If you think these are just spicy tea cakes with a cross tip-exed on, you would be almost correct. But if you think you can come up with a more delicious way to remember the crucifixion than eating a butter-drenched bun, then I am all ears.

Find the recipe at: http://www.lisafaulkner.co.uk/recipe/hot-cross-buns/

4. Simnel Cake
You’ve wolfed down the lamb, demolished a chocolate egg or two, but the hot cross buns have put you on the verge of a food coma, then I’ll be honest, maybe this next cake isn’t for you. However, if you still have room in the belly-tank then it’s time to get medieval on your marzipan with this traditional Easter fruit cake.

Simnel Cake

Find the recipe at: http://dineanddiscover.co.uk/recipe-simnel-cake/

5. ‘Virgin’ Bloody Mary with Carrot
Resurrect yourself from your 3 day non-stop consumption hangover with this delicious ‘Virgin’ Bloody Mary. Remember, if anybody (especially people called Joseph) tries to dispute the drink’s virginity on account of all the alcohol, just tell them God put it there.

Carrot bloody Mary

Find the recipe at: http://www.thecandidappetite.com/2015/03/27/carrot-bloody-marys/

With so much rich food available the Easter break can be a long three days so it’s important that you have a system in place or you may well turn into an egg. Humpty Dumpty Syndrome (HDS), is a very real concern and spoiler alert, it doesn’t end well. However, we’re confident that if you stick to our ‘5 Easter Treats full of the joys of Spring’ you won’t turn into an egg. Probably.

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